2014. december 24., szerda

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for not writing recently but I didn't feel like I had things to write about. Those songs were s.o.s. solution as well.
So now, I'm awake at 10.02. in the "morning" which is so unusual, but I must wash my hair and find out my outfit for family dinner. Although still wearing my PJ's and my new pair of Vans. Yeah, great combo but I love these shoes but I can't wear them outside yet. I mean I could 'cause it's dry and no snow. But kinda freezing.
You got it?! NO SNOW! If I remember well there was no snow last year and before that and I dunno. The last snow I remember was in March 2013. It was huge. Tanks came and I almost couldn't get home by the bus.
But! But I forget what I wanted to write...
I wanted to do something great for the holidays. You know some drawing or a poem... It ended to be nothing. But-but-but! There'll be a surprise in the New Year from me. I'm not saying anything more 'cause in that case I won't do it. I'm sure 'bout it. It happened too many times.
In the end, as we fade into the night, who will the story of our life?
Sorry, just some fangirling :D
In the end, pray for me to find a great holiday outfit! :D
Wish you a great time with yout family and friends! Enjoy the meals and cakes - Who cares diet?! It's Christmas dude! - the gifts, the talks, even the way too sweet christmas carols. And don't forget to stock these feelings in your heart for the other parts of the year. Was this too much? The last sentence? Nevermind ;)

2014. december 1., hétfő


  Don't love someone's art because of the person who made. Love it for it's own beauty or meaning. It's diffiult to devide them cuz they're somehow the same but not entirely. Common thing that some artist call their piece of art their children. Maybe it's the easiest way to descirbe.
  Althought it's usual that artists express in art their inner self which can be weaker than the one they show for the outside. But of course it's opposite way can also be true.
You never know the things they have come trough and why they act that certain way.

  Oh, and being interested in their things only by wanting them to like you is somehow miserable and disgusting.

  But it's just simple an opinion.

2014. november 19., szerda


  I started a new novel today and I swear I'll finish it.
Characters mixed from my acquintances, friends and myself.
It'll stand from smaller stories based on my experiences and my life.
Oh, and I'm planning to post songs with the parts. I hope It'll work.

2014. október 29., szerda

2014. október 22., szerda

  I started to write my poems also in English. By the way recently I don't write as much as I used to. I don't really have time... I know it's bad a excuse. Anyway I can feel something inside my soul which want to come out. Soon. I'm gonna write something in the fall break.

2014. október 4., szombat

How I even dare to call myself an "artist"?

  Really! Am I an artist?! How should I know that?! How should I know that I'm not just a simple girl who sometimes draw or write something? There are other people doing these things. What's difference? I'm not sure that my works, my pieces are that unique but I want them to be. Unrepeatable. Unforgettable. I want people to recognize my drawings and poems.

2014. szeptember 29., hétfő

Style Notes

I know it's already the end of september but let me introduce my summer favourites :D

Avon Naturals body cream with the sweet, vibrant scent of orchid and blueberry. I love blueberry ^^
My new bag. It's kinda small but I can put my wallet my S.O.S. bag, my phone and my sunnies in. I bought this 'cause I've always been carrying a big bag and it was quite unconvinient.
A bunch of bracelets. I love that cuuute little dragonfly.
Maybelline Colossal Volum' for Smokey Eyes. I simply love Maybelline mascaras and smokey eyes as well so... I think there's no need for more explanation... ;)


Today afternoon the weather was great so I decided to go for a walk and I took some photos. :)

2014. szeptember 25., csütörtök

Style Notes

Last week I bought a pair of darkblue sweatpants and a pair of simple black skinny. I wanted some black jeans with some holes on but they were quite expensive so I decided to cut one of my own jeans... I'm still planning to buy beanies and a pair of combat boots.
You can have a look at my OOTD (outfit of the day) here: goldenzebrascarf

2014. szeptember 15., hétfő

Fears Hide

I wrote a song. I mean lyrics or whatever. Here's the refren:

"Watch me walking trough the fire,
Your envy trying to kill my soul.
Chaos rising from the ground.
The pain you're feeling: Shout it out!
All your blames are empty pits
Where all your fears hide."

2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök


 Ma bementem a húgommal a könyveiért, meg mert telefont akart venni magának - ami a sorszámosztóval való bénázás után, a biztonsági-őr bácsi segítségével sikerült is -.
 Utunk ezután a Rossmannba vezetett. Semmi gond, eddig a terv szerint haladtunk. Egy szempillaspirál és egy hajhab megvásárlásával sikerült kereten belül maradnom.
Csakhogy! Volt még egy fél óránk a buszig, szóval bementünk az egyik áruházba nézelődni. Ahol is, én megláttam A CIPŐT. Megint. Szóval véletlenül vettem egy fekete magassarkút. Megint. Még csak négy van. Vagy öt. :DD

2014. augusztus 25., hétfő

Active but not here

Mostanában eltűntem innen egy kicsit. Ez azért van, mert instán és twitteren egyszerűbb aktívnak lenni.
Ezeken a helyeken @cujosaur néven találhatnak meg az érdeklődők. :D

I haven't been that active there recently. The reason is that on instagram and twitter is easier to "exist". You can find me there as @cujosaur if you wish. :D

Ja és ha valakit érdekel öltözködés, divat, stílus stb.:
And if somebody interested in dressing, style, trends and things like that:

2014. július 26., szombat

Talking about "friends"....

Clearly, for me recently it's just a word. I thought... no. I hoped I had some. I realized their number is less than ever... The true of them is one or two... The others? I don't know why they were around me... Meaningless. Talking shit behind my back. Making my life a mess. They don't understand and they DO NOT WANT TO understand. Despite I was there for them when they had problems. But who cares? I'm just a lil' chick. Easy to use, easy to hurt. Here is the situation: Their life sucks?! Lets ruin others' life. How you dare to be happy since they're not?!
For me it's time not to care about them. I like the ones who stayed, and the others... I have nothing to say.

2014. július 23., szerda

Something ends something starts

After giving up with being so eh... everything changed. I'm happy or something like that.
I visited one of my friends and we had a great time despite of the hot weather caused lazyness. I'm gonna go to a houseparty on Saturday. I'm a bit excited. :)

Now I have time to read so I started the Game of Trones :) At the beginning of summer I started to watch again The Vampire Diaries and now I'm wathcing the fourth season.^^

Tomorrow my sister and I are gonna go for some shopping. I'd like to find a perfect dress.

2014. július 10., csütörtök

Weekend is coming ;)

That something is on way! This weekend will be awesome! I've been invited to two birthday parties and no matter what I'm gonna have a great time. I don't care about anything and anybody. (At least I'm trying not to.) :D

2014. július 3., csütörtök

I need something...

Summer passes by and I don't want to let it go just this way. It's.... there's nothing special.... I want something to happen! Not something big... but something. A concert for example. Something funny, enjoyable, never experienced.

2014. június 27., péntek

Short walk in the city

  An old woman can be embarrassing with her direct and causeless questions in the drogerie markt. Then the girl in the newsstand types your number wrong when you want to take money to your phone. Furthermore you have one more hour until the bus. So you walk, watch cute guys applying balls to the streetlights cuz there'll be a festival for kids. Workers who should care about the stands staring at you which is kind of annoying.
But! I bought a new book and I sat down to a bench and read 'till I could go to the bus.

2014. június 24., kedd

Tiszta erőből nyár

  Ma végre tudatosult bennem, hogy már nem kell, tanulnom és készülnöm az érettségire. Tegnap reggel még a következő gondolatmenet futott le bennem: Reggelizek, aztán átolvasok négy tételt. De rájöttem, hogy nem kell!!! :D Mostantól aludhatok délig - amíg el nem kezdek nyári munkára járni, persze -, rajzolhatok, olvashatok, filmezhetek, stb. stb.
  Megvan az érettségim. Határozottan elégedett vagyok az eredményeimmel. A most már volt pasimmal átlényegítettük a kapcsolatunkat csak barátokra, így ezért sem kell már aggódnom. Idén is lesz munkám, ami itt van helyben és megszakadnom sem kell benne. Tegnap mindezt megünnepeltem pezsgővel és fagyival. Na jó. A pezsi igazából Anyuék házassági évfordulója és az érettségim miatt volt. De nálam az eddig tökéletes nyár miatt is volt. ^^
Az egyetlen fekete folt. a spanyolok kiesése a vb-ből. De azt meg túlélem. Még ott van Argentína, Hollandia, Németország és a kis Ronaldoék. :D

2014. május 15., csütörtök


I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel. Because I know that everybody is a way too lazy to read. People appreciate watching videos. But I'm not sure if I'm able to speak into a camera and just talk when I'm all myself. It's kinda freak or I dunno. Furthermore I like writing. But nobody cares...

2014. május 13., kedd

My silly small Future

  To tell the truth I have no idea about my future. I don't really feel like I want to go to university. Although I've sent my applications. It's not sure I'll get in and I don't feed big hopes about it.
  I like writing poems and short stories and drawing is another hobby of mine. But... That's all. It's quite impossible to get money for these things especially in our country.
One solution can be to become a journalist... better to say a publicist. But... I don't really know. I hate when somebody wants to tell me what to do, even more what to write about. In this way I'm unable to be a good employee.

Új vers

 Ez a vers akkor íródott, amikor útban voltunk a Sopronkőhidai rokonokhoz. Ezen kívül még kettő született ekkor. Mindegyiket az útközben szembejövő dolgok ihlették, és az utazás hangulata úgy általában. Egyiket sem mondanám tipikus Cujo-versnek. Meglehetősen rendhagyóra sikeredtek.

Útközbeni impresszió

Süssünk sütit,
Hívjunk nyuszit.
A zöld buszban utazzunk Pestig.

Óriásplakátos extázis.
Felmászunk a párkányig,
Zuhanunk egy fáig.

Napszemüveg mögé dugom
A másnapom.
Tortába fojtom a bánatom.

Útszéli kisvirág,
Kamionporban nyílt világ.
Extrém méhe száll rá.

Döcög a busz.
Fű alatt kússz
Fel a szívemig.

Sebesség mámor,
Úgy igazából.
Szembe jön százszor.

Szembe jön százszor
Az óriásplakátról
A napszemüveges nyuszi.

Másnapos torta.
Az útszéli porba
Feküdjünk fű alá,
2014. 04. 19.

2014. április 28., hétfő


Rohamosan, vészjóslóan, kétségbeejtően közeledik az érettségi.
Nagyon túl akarok már lenni rajta.
Hihetetlenül parázok.
Úgy érzem nem tudok semmit...

2014. április 9., szerda


I'm afraid of losing my friends since the end of the secondary school is coming. No mercy. It's ending up in a few week.
In the end we must surpass ourselves at final exams.
I feel like a miserable creature, disable to live.
I don't want it at all.

2014. április 3., csütörtök

When your wearing is you... Or not.

It's so easy to disappear. Wearing a black hoodie with simple jeans and nobody realize me. They don't look at me like those times when I have time and mood to think about clothes to get on... But there are some special someone who know me and are able to see me in a way which not depends on my clothes. I do appreciate their attention since it's real.
Most of the times I don't hide myself into hoodies. So people always staring. Kind of annoying. Especially same-girls. They have the same hair, same pair of light-coloured jeans, same fake leather jacket and the same envy, hateful looking. Sometimes I just think "Look at me b*tch and burn." Not often but sometimes... :D

2014. március 16., vasárnap

A hétvége tanulsága: Ne vegyél konzerves spagetti szószt! Főleg ha az van ráírva, hogy szója is van benne. Mert akkor nagy esély van rá, hogy tele lesz szójababbal...

2014. január 27., hétfő


  Február 14.-én lesz a mi kis haccacárénk. Nagyon készülünk rá szinte szeptember óta, és már körülbelül azóta várjuk is. Az előadásunk négy táncból áll. Szerintem sikeres lesz, de azért izgulok, persze! :) Az utána lévő levezető bulizást pedig legalább annyira várjuk, mint a műsort.
  Végre esett a hó rendesen. Bár a hőmérséklet elég szokatlan azután, hogy eddig nem volt igazán hideg, de ez az igazi tél! Imádom! *-*

2014. január 16., csütörtök

Why so miserable?

  Sitting in front of the computer, drinking mulled wine, thinking about what to with our life.
University. That's okay. Where? Why? What reason for? I don't really wanna study that far from my home. I'm interested in arts, literature, sociology. I found something that includes all more or less but it's quite difficult to get in. It's the third stuff I found and it's as hard to reach as the first to thing.
Although I have nothing to do with architecture, my teachers still force me to care with their subjects. I hate those f*cking countings, and all this kind of stuff.

2014. január 5., vasárnap


Kicsit megkésve, de Boldog Új Évet Minden Olvasómnak!
Happy New Year!

Frohes Neues Jahr!
С Новым Годом!

Felice Anno Nuovo!
Gott Nytt År!
Bonne Année!