2014. október 29., szerda

2014. október 22., szerda

  I started to write my poems also in English. By the way recently I don't write as much as I used to. I don't really have time... I know it's bad a excuse. Anyway I can feel something inside my soul which want to come out. Soon. I'm gonna write something in the fall break.

2014. október 4., szombat

How I even dare to call myself an "artist"?

  Really! Am I an artist?! How should I know that?! How should I know that I'm not just a simple girl who sometimes draw or write something? There are other people doing these things. What's difference? I'm not sure that my works, my pieces are that unique but I want them to be. Unrepeatable. Unforgettable. I want people to recognize my drawings and poems.