2016. április 10., vasárnap

Sum-up Sunday

Getting up before 5 in the morning and rushing at work all Thursday and Friday. Neither sleeping enough on Saturday and do the shopping. Getting ready for the nightout with the intention of I'd rather chill and watch series. Walking the city back and forth at night or it's better to say at dawn completely sober with half-drunk squad. Sleeping less than 3 hours. Waiting for the bus for at least 4 hours. AND TOMORROW IS MONDAY!

2016. április 1., péntek

Is there anyone?

Honestly. Is anyone out there, who's reading my bamblings continually? Who's not just finding my blog accidentally maybe reading some and forget it... Sometimes I feel that the existence of my blog is quite meaningless. Although I keep on writing. Maybe I should write my stuff into a notebook or a Word document. Sounds even more weird...