2014. december 24., szerda

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for not writing recently but I didn't feel like I had things to write about. Those songs were s.o.s. solution as well.
So now, I'm awake at 10.02. in the "morning" which is so unusual, but I must wash my hair and find out my outfit for family dinner. Although still wearing my PJ's and my new pair of Vans. Yeah, great combo but I love these shoes but I can't wear them outside yet. I mean I could 'cause it's dry and no snow. But kinda freezing.
You got it?! NO SNOW! If I remember well there was no snow last year and before that and I dunno. The last snow I remember was in March 2013. It was huge. Tanks came and I almost couldn't get home by the bus.
But! But I forget what I wanted to write...
I wanted to do something great for the holidays. You know some drawing or a poem... It ended to be nothing. But-but-but! There'll be a surprise in the New Year from me. I'm not saying anything more 'cause in that case I won't do it. I'm sure 'bout it. It happened too many times.
In the end, as we fade into the night, who will the story of our life?
Sorry, just some fangirling :D
In the end, pray for me to find a great holiday outfit! :D
Wish you a great time with yout family and friends! Enjoy the meals and cakes - Who cares diet?! It's Christmas dude! - the gifts, the talks, even the way too sweet christmas carols. And don't forget to stock these feelings in your heart for the other parts of the year. Was this too much? The last sentence? Nevermind ;)

2014. december 1., hétfő


  Don't love someone's art because of the person who made. Love it for it's own beauty or meaning. It's diffiult to devide them cuz they're somehow the same but not entirely. Common thing that some artist call their piece of art their children. Maybe it's the easiest way to descirbe.
  Althought it's usual that artists express in art their inner self which can be weaker than the one they show for the outside. But of course it's opposite way can also be true.
You never know the things they have come trough and why they act that certain way.

  Oh, and being interested in their things only by wanting them to like you is somehow miserable and disgusting.

  But it's just simple an opinion.