2014. július 26., szombat

Talking about "friends"....

Clearly, for me recently it's just a word. I thought... no. I hoped I had some. I realized their number is less than ever... The true of them is one or two... The others? I don't know why they were around me... Meaningless. Talking shit behind my back. Making my life a mess. They don't understand and they DO NOT WANT TO understand. Despite I was there for them when they had problems. But who cares? I'm just a lil' chick. Easy to use, easy to hurt. Here is the situation: Their life sucks?! Lets ruin others' life. How you dare to be happy since they're not?!
For me it's time not to care about them. I like the ones who stayed, and the others... I have nothing to say.

2014. július 23., szerda

Something ends something starts

After giving up with being so eh... everything changed. I'm happy or something like that.
I visited one of my friends and we had a great time despite of the hot weather caused lazyness. I'm gonna go to a houseparty on Saturday. I'm a bit excited. :)

Now I have time to read so I started the Game of Trones :) At the beginning of summer I started to watch again The Vampire Diaries and now I'm wathcing the fourth season.^^

Tomorrow my sister and I are gonna go for some shopping. I'd like to find a perfect dress.

2014. július 10., csütörtök

Weekend is coming ;)

That something is on way! This weekend will be awesome! I've been invited to two birthday parties and no matter what I'm gonna have a great time. I don't care about anything and anybody. (At least I'm trying not to.) :D

2014. július 3., csütörtök

I need something...

Summer passes by and I don't want to let it go just this way. It's.... there's nothing special.... I want something to happen! Not something big... but something. A concert for example. Something funny, enjoyable, never experienced.