2016. február 17., szerda

Recent mood

I don't wanna study, don't wanna workout, don't wanna eat,
Let me listen to music and draw until I fall asleep.

2016. február 5., péntek

I really-really-really want to have a new tattoo!

Or two... :D I've already got a lil' star and he's so lonely *-* He wants some mate. I've started to draw a sun-moon combination but it can not get that shape which I feel perfect.

nevermind my face

Too big and way too simple. My star is simple as well but not that simple. If that make any sense...
Shadows are almost there... Since I want them to be like on my star-boy. Like this:

Furthermore I found two amazing pic, one with a blue and a yellow leon face-to-face each other in a heart kind of shape and one with two wolves in yin-yang form. And I feel like I want them on my skin*-*
BTW I must tell it's not that they're beautiful but I feel a kind of connection with these pics. They hold meaning for me besides I'm Leo and my favourite animal is wolf :D
Once in the future I'll talk about these things. Maybe when they'll be on my skin.