2014. április 28., hétfő


Rohamosan, vészjóslóan, kétségbeejtően közeledik az érettségi.
Nagyon túl akarok már lenni rajta.
Hihetetlenül parázok.
Úgy érzem nem tudok semmit...

2014. április 9., szerda


I'm afraid of losing my friends since the end of the secondary school is coming. No mercy. It's ending up in a few week.
In the end we must surpass ourselves at final exams.
I feel like a miserable creature, disable to live.
I don't want it at all.

2014. április 3., csütörtök

When your wearing is you... Or not.

It's so easy to disappear. Wearing a black hoodie with simple jeans and nobody realize me. They don't look at me like those times when I have time and mood to think about clothes to get on... But there are some special someone who know me and are able to see me in a way which not depends on my clothes. I do appreciate their attention since it's real.
Most of the times I don't hide myself into hoodies. So people always staring. Kind of annoying. Especially same-girls. They have the same hair, same pair of light-coloured jeans, same fake leather jacket and the same envy, hateful looking. Sometimes I just think "Look at me b*tch and burn." Not often but sometimes... :D