2016. október 30., vasárnap

Autumn shopping

So yesterday I did a bit of an autumn shopping. I got some cosy-cute stuff.
I found a great black and white cardigan with a kind of plaid pattern. To be honest I wanted a berry coloured one bur I couldn't find that anywhere. This one is so warm and long. I love it. I got something else in berry colour which is a delicate top with some lace details. It fits me perfectly 👌 . I bought a pair of thermo tights. Nothing interesting, simply black tights from a warm, soft material. Last things are socks. These were so hard to find, especially in a good price. I can't believe how expensive socks can be. I mean they're just socks... So in the fifth shop I bought four pairs. I wanted these thicker, knitted kinds which are look cute if they're longer than my boots. You know what I mean. And they're not just looking good but keeping my leggings on place so my ankles won't freeze. I hope you got what I'm trying to say.

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