2016. szeptember 21., szerda

Fail but not fail

I failed a bit with the abs challenge cuz usually I was too tired when I got home from the Uni or I had to study or prepare for the next courses. So I decided that I'm gonna start it again from the very beginning.
But I did it properly for a week and I think my tummy got a bit more flat than it was. Beside the challenge I eat less. Simply I don't have time to eat as much as I used to before university.
By the way I'm not starving. I just have many other things to care about rather than thinking about eating something yummy. Because most of the time I was eating by boredom. I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can but selfcontrolling in this meaning gives me some problem. Being busy helps me a lot in this way. Furthermore I realized that I like to be busy. As far as I don't get exhausted cuz then I got upset by the feeling that I want to do some more but I'm too tired and unable to concentrate.

Sorry, HUN-readers. I'll translate it later this week :*

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