2013. december 8., vasárnap

10 random facts about me

1. I'm just 160 cm tall. To tell the truht, I don't really mind that I'm "small". If I can't reach something I can ask somebody to help me. I look cute next to my boyfriend who is about 20 cm taller than me ^^. But, I'm a bit sad that I can't really wear oversized sweaters 'couse I look ridiculusly in them.:/
2. I eat cheese in breadcrumbs with plum jam. I just like it! These times my family looks at me like I have some problems with my brain or tongue... But it's delicius! Just try it and you'll see I'm right! :D
3. I admire Adam Lambert. He is the best singer I've ever heard! Furthermore he's hoooot and badass. Him or better to say his style ispired me, to buy my favourite boots. They're black and studded*-* I'm a proud Glambert!
4. There are two stories I'm working on recently. A romantic crime story and highschool story. I've started the first one years ago and I hope I'll finish it. I have different stories and ideas but I usually forget to continue them...
5. I don't like strawberry flavoured things. Sometimes I eat strawberry icecream but it's not my favourite one. Although, I love strawberry, I mean the fruit. :)
6. I'm allergic to cat fur. Unfortunately. I like cats. They're cute. Especially the red ones. There is a type of cat, the siberian which fur is antiallergic. They're my fav. ones not just becouse it, but they're beautiful with their big, soft fur. ♥
7. I have been studying in a technical school of construction. However, I can't really say that I'm interested in architecture. But it has something to do with art, drawing and being creative. That's why I'm here.
8. I've been together with my boyfriend for 17 months. I know it's quite "long" time. I'm happy with him and I love him and he is cute and handsome and he is him! :D ♥
9. When I was maybe 12 I only wore black, dark blue and brown clothes. I don't really know exactly why. I hated light colours espacially white. I never wanted to go to school ocassions 'couse that times it was obligatory to wear white blouse.
10. My favourite fruits are cranberry, blueberry, pineapple and pear. But I like almost every fruit except those I've never tasted. o.O ^^

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