2013. február 21., csütörtök


  I surpassed myself.  I had a shower, washed my hair twice - yeah twice. Firstly with kiwi and mandarine conditioner and shampoo, secondly with a raspberry and hibiscus volumising shampoo so my hair smells like a fruit basket. It's funny anyway. I remove my makeup - more or less and I dried my hair within 15 minutes. It is a record.
  I was in a hurry because I couldn't decide what to wear tomorrow. I want to be pretty and sexy and want my boyfriend to be amazed. ^^ To tell the truth it won't be a special occasion tomorrow - except our Irish teacher trainee will join us - we'll just spend out night out at our favourite place. So it took me quite a long time to decide which is the "perfect" top and jeans and other stuffs.

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