2016. május 14., szombat

Big Spring Sum-up!

Prepare yourself! It's gonna be a long post.

Hair stuff
Mostly I've been using Avon products since ever. But my favourites are some type of Garnier shampoo and conditioner which are gone... The ones with pomegranate and yeast. I found the shampoo one in a drogerie for an extra low price so I guess they got them out of the market. I'm so sad. I love/loved these so much. They made my hair incredibly soft and had a really pleasent scent *-* As I mentioned I have a shampoo but I haven't started using yet. I must protect that treasure!

I have so many other stuff to use. I'm a bit obsessed with hair care. My newest favourite is a new Avon 2in1 grapefruit and passion fruit shampoo and conditioner with B3, B5 and E vitamins. It smells so good I want to eat it. The other two go-to products I've been using for some months are both Avon product as well from the Advence Techniques line. One is for split ends with keratin and the other is a leave in treatment with arginin and keratin. This last one has quite strong scent which I don't prefer that much but since it's strengthen my hair I don't mind.
#freshlywashedhair #nomakeup
There's another Garnier product I've been loving. Thanks God it's still available. It is the Fructis Densify conditioner. It has pomegranate and Fibra-Cylane - whatever is that. It seems to me that pomegranate is doing a really great job with my hair.
Unfortunately I've just run out of it so this holy grail is empty... But I don't want to repurchase is yet because I collected a bunch of other hair stuff and I want to try them.

Shoe problems
Except two pairs all of my shoes have a hole on their sole. Last time in the heaviest rain of May I wore my white sneakers, which I decorated myself, and the sole of the right one simply got broken. It felt like walking on a sponge. From that hole the whole shoe got soaked even the bottom of my jeans...
The weather is awful recently so yesterday I had to wear my boots at my exams instead of a cute ballerina or high-heels. What's more my boots are the only pair I can wear wherever I go if I don't want my feet to get wet every time I leave the house.


Two of our friends gonna got married next month. It is sooo exciting! But I have no idea what to wear... Or I should say I have to much and I can't choose. In the first row I'm thinking in a H&M dress but I can't decide furthere I had no time to go shopping and try on any clothes. I want something simlpe but classy. And I haven't mentioned shoes... But I can't buy shoes without a dress. Should I buy shoes first?!
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