2016. március 12., szombat

Sum-up Saturday

To tell the truth I'm totally unable to write frequently. So, I decided to write summaries from time to time. Here's the first one.

I have three holy grails recently. One is the Syoss Volume Lift dry shampoo which really refreshes my hair. I usually use it on that day in the morning when I intend to wash my hair in the night.. I mean... I hope you understand :D The other one is Garnier Essentials Sensitive 2in1 calming makeup remover. It removes foundation and eye-makeup easily without irritation. My skin on my face is quite problematic. Some parts are oily some are incredibly dry, prone to break out or have dry patches... So yeah, it's difficult to treat. The third one is Nivea Aftreshave Balm for sensitive skin. Yepp, it's a product for men but a great alternative for priming. I've been loving it lately. I got the idea for using it from Nikkie's videos (NikkieTutorials) aaand it works ;D

Last month I collected four... Or more?! At least four new scarves. If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen some of them. If you are not my follower yet... It's time to fix this problem, so here you go: imlucychuu
I'm really a big fan of scarves. I wear them in winter, summer, outside, inside no matter what.

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